AMD or Maxwell Graphics Card to Mine Litecoin?

NVIDIA’s release of GTX 750/750 Ti last week is called the perfect midrange graphics card. It provides high performance, with reasonable power consumption and an affordable price at around $150. A large number of Litecoin miners using AMD high-end graphics cards have made graphics cards high in demand.

So, will Maxwell’s design significantly improve Litecoin’s mining capability? Will this post an impact to your AMD card? Let’s look at Tomshardware’s review on the Bitcoin and Litecoin mining hardware:

First Bitcoin:
GTX 750 Ti has the mining capacity of128.7MH / s. Although its performance is close to GTX 580, it’s still considered inadequate, with nearly half the performance of HD 7790. It should be noted that mining Bitcoin is a money-losing behavior, you won’t even make the cost of electricity back.

Maxwell N graphics card can be used to mine Litecoin.
Compared to incompatibility to mine Bitcoin, GTX 750 Ti is great to mine Litecoin. Its performance is stunning, with its 245 KH/s speed, it’s close to R7265 (HD 7850), and faster than GTX 660’s 209 KH/s. It is predictable that Maxwell’s high-end graphic cards will outperform AMD’s high-end graphics cards. This would definitely increase graphic cards sales in addition. Maxwell’s energy consumption control is well known, this was save miners’ costs in electricity. This is a big advantage for using Maxwell’s N graphic cards to mine crypto currency.

No matter you’re using AMD or Maxwell graphics cards for mining, it’s always a high risk investment. Think carefully before you invest in crypto currency mining.